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Advantages of Bridgestone Rubber Tracks

Bridgestone is one of the largest suppliers of high quality Rubber Tracks to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Bridgestone was founded in 1931 and has grown to become one of the world's largest tire and rubber products companies, with over 180 production facilities in 25 countries around the world and sales networks in over 150 countries (data correct as at 1 April 2013). The company is renowned for its R&D and design capability, exemplified by the success of Bridgestone's racing tires. This expertise extends to a wide range of products including automotive parts and industrial rubber products such as Rubber Tracks.

Trust the experts

Bridgestone engineers pioneered the Rubber Track in the 1960s. Bridgestone continues to utilize extensive R&D, design capabilities and testing resources along with our vast experience of tracked vehicles to offer a wide range of the highest quality Rubber Tracks on the market. Original equipment manufacturers around the world have adopted our Rubber Tracks as the performance standard on a wide variety of machines and applications.

Bridgestone and its subsidiary companies develop and make the raw materials such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon, and steel cord that are used in our Rubber Tracks. This control over the fundamental components of a Rubber Track provides a product quality that is unmatched by others.

rubber trackrubber track

  • Bridgestone Proving Ground

    Bridgestone operates a state-of-the-art Rubber Track proving ground, located in Tochigi-Japan. A variety of terrain conditions are maintained in order to establish consistency during the testing process.

    bridgestone japan proving ground

  • Laboratory Bench Testing

    Laboratory bench testing is vital to accelerate evaluation under controlled conditions. All Bridgestone Rubber Tracks are tested, evaluated, and proved.

    bench testign rubber track

  • FEM Analysis System

    Bridgestone's scientifically proven non-linear, large-displacement FEM analysis system helps engineers to create innovative technologies.

    FEM screen

  • Product and Technical Assistance

    Bridgestone evaluates in real-life environments and proves products by using actual machines in actual field conditions throughout the world for all Rubber Track applications.

    technical staff on site